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He has developed a highly powerful Force Drain, which allows him to drain on a scale as massive as an entire planet. As a result, Marr was sent to defeat its source, Surik, and bring the woman before Nihilus so that he could consume her. Through the Force, Darth Nihilus was able to escape death by containing his consciousness in his armor—an ability that Darth Krayt would inquire of Nihilus’ holocron millennia later. It is unknown if this suggests his survival after his encounter with the Exile. Nihilus’ affliction developed to the point where the Dark Lord was forced to call upon the dark side of the Force to encase his spirit within his mask and armor to stay alive. This weakened Nihilus enough that the trio was able to kill him. And when the Jedi are dead, he will feed on the galaxy, the Republic, and eventually, consume the Sith as well.

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Unfortunately for Nihilus, he was tricked by Traya into believing that Telos had an abundance of Force energy present in its population. Nihilus’ power grew to the extent that he was consumed by it, becoming a wound in the Force. They engaged nihilud a brief duel, with the Dark Lord seemingly too strong to defeat. Nihilus also possessed vast telekinetic abilities, dafth allowed him to construct and hold together his ship, the Ravager.

Mandalore led his troops to board the Ravager, while covered by the Republic forces, to assist Surik and Visas Marr in their advance on the warship’s bridge.


When Marr attempted to assassinate the woman, Surik defeated her and convinced her to turn to the light side of the Force in the process. The Republic Navy was there to ambush the fleet as it approached, working with the Mandalorians who were there to assist Surik and their Mandalore.

He had nihipus some of the greatest of nkhilus Sith teachings, but such practices took the form of dependence. Marr entered llive trance and disrupted her link with her former Master, undermining his connection to the Force through their Force bond.

Nihilus’ spirit was able to survive inside his armor, not destroyed within the Ravager, which was taken for burial on Korriban, the Sith homeworld.

Nihilus’ body then erupted in an aura of dark side energies as the trio left the bridge.

The story of Darth Nihilus

He was also proficient in Dark rage, Farsight, Force lightning, Force resistance, Force scream, and Force whirlwind, among others, such as a dark variant of Force healing called Dark Healing. The man took up the name Darth Nihilus, while the second apprentice became known as Darth Sion, and they joined with Traya in the creation of a Sith Triumvirate.

Dark Light Custom Preview. Through the Force, Darth Nihilus was able to escape death by containing his consciousness in his armor—an ability that Darth Krayt would inquire of Nihilus’ holocron millennia later. The act was an unpleasant experience for him, but the hunger and his painful memories faded for a brief moment alongside his sickness. I beg you… please… let me die.

She was then swayed to serve Surik against Nihilus. Use old embed code. It is unknown if this suggests his survival after his encounter with the Exile. This was actually a ruse by Kreia to draw her former pupil there while she traveled to reclaim her academy on Malachor.


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Hide old embed code. Amidst those battles, he lost everything: Darth Nihilus was one of the most powerful Sith Lords in the history of the galaxy.

Nihilus could also use the Force to lift starships, as he did on Malachor V with the Ravager. Onderon and his downfall You… you are dartb darkness in which all life dies, milord. Atris broadcast knowledge of Surik’s presence through dartb Coreward databases, which reached Darth Sion.

Nihilus could increase the strength of Force powers he used greatly, if he wished, and he was capable of reaching through the Force at a range as far as a star system. The ritual Nihilus’ group were conducting on Dxun was attacked by a group sent by Surik when she involved herself with the now ongoing Onderon Civil War, with help from Mandalore the Preserver and his Mandalorian clan that lived in secret on Dxun.

Nonetheless, the emptiness returned more relentless and severe than before.

All life… exists to feed your power, and my life… my life is yours. One year later, Nihilus sensed a growing presence in the Force nihious sent Marr out to eliminate it. However, along with his raw power, the Mass Shadow Generator activated at Malachor may have played a part in Nihilus’ status as a wound in the Force, but this is not confirmed. Sion defeated Traya, while Nihilus sapped her energy. However, he became a slave to his own power, resulting in his need to feed off of the Force energy present in living things.