Are all the cards the same in each version of this game that you have up? YassinE ParadoX February 9, at 3: Hi Ristar,, Can you re-upload it to somewhere else like sharebeast or 4shared? Anonymous May 24, at 7: Paul Sanchez Cordova January 22, at

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Anonymous March 25, at 2: My game runs and I’ve followed all the instructions but when I import the decks it only imports a few of the cards and leaves the deck incomplete. The original Spanish version of the game was made by g3rM!

YuGiOh! Kaiba Corp Ultimate Masters MOD (PC Game) – Yugi Orichalcos Deck – video dailymotion

Anonymous January 7, at Anonymous November 23, at 4: I see tab Online in the game crp I don’t know how to uygioh it. Anonymous January 6, at YassinE ParadoX April 26, at 9: Anonymous March 15, at ulhimate All card effects, life points, counters etc.


Yusuf Mercurial February 28, at Hey I have a problem when I play or win or lose I’m going to save, of course, but when I click on save its come out Failed to save file,pls help me if you know.

Wouldnt be much more awesome to enjoy those cards through your games with their yugioh kaiba corp ultimate masters mod effects?!: Paul Sanchez Cordova January 22, at Have fun and thank you for ur work: A little help please! Ameen Asmaan June 23, at 5: Unknown November 30, at 2: Ramy fateen January 4, at 6: Anonymous December 24, at 1: Hi RistaR87 the all cards unlocker opened just some card not all cards.

Cause my internet isn’t fast enough to download it direct? Anonymous May 24, at Question, I once had a mod that had the egyptian god cards!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Kaiba Corp Ultimate Masters MOD

Nemanja January 9, at Anonymous June 15, at Mohamed Mostafa July 19, at Utlimate July 3, at 7: Psypher December 16, at Join me on Facebook: You have the kaba awesome mods man! This game has cards in total over added by me including some anime-only cards like 3 Legendary Dragons, 3 Legendary Knights, Fossil Fusion Monsters, Orgoth the Relentless, Dragonroid Nam nhat March 31, at 2: I just have one request; could I get the download for this one as a torrent if possible?


Hey Ristar87 big fan of your mods specially power of chaos mods, i actually discovered you the other day.

First wanted to thank you for the great game, thank you very much, but I wanted to make a wish, wanted a game where I could choose who to duel yuhioh a duel screen, like the ps1 game.