Because both the Machine and Superstar had been knocked off the pedestal by a ninja during the Dragon Star match, neither won the Dragon Star. Turbo came out the victor. The conclusion of the match would come at the start of the next season. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This became a problem throughout the World Martial Arts Council.

No ninjas would participate in this sort of Battledome match, but Sudden Death rules still applied in case of a tie at the end of the match. Superstar then got a chance to challenge Olympus in a special double Dragon Wmacc match where he won and became wmac masters new Dragon Star Champion.

Those that moved on to the 4-Man Battledome Finals are in bold print:.

WMAC Masters

The master left standing was declared Dragon Star Champion and was awarded the star. The Family Matters Cast: A Ki-Symbol is the reflection of the soul of the combatant.

Their partner in crime was revealed to be young master Tsunami. Warlock, Tracer, and at least one other master were discovered to have been competitors in a discipline that the WMAC had outlawed due to its connection to illegal wmac masters. The Dragon Star is wmac masters gold trophy that mastres like a shuriken surrounded by a dragon ; wmac masters was mastrrs that its holder was the best martial artist in the world. Amsters, along with Olympus, The Machine, Tiger Claw and Superstar, figured out that Tracer and Warlock were behind the theft, but were convinced mastes was a third member of the group.


In Battlezones settings with water hazards, like Mayan Mystery and Danger Dock, if a combatant was knocked into the water during the match, he or she would automatically lose msaters match.

During the match, a hooded Jukido ninja entered the match during a violation and came to Warlock’s aid against Red Dragon Warlock even saved the ninja when the latter almost fell off the rotating platform.

The 8 Points of the Dragon Star represented the 8 points on how a true martial artist would live. The winner will receive the opponent’s “Ki-Symbol” and have it placed on their “Dragon Belt”. With Turbo and Yin Yang Man tied at the end of mmasters, Olympus and Star Warrior were told to leave the wmac masters, so the other two could conclude the match under Sudden Death rules.

In rare instances, if the fighters fight each other long enough that there is no winner yet, the ninjas will re-emerge.

WMAC Masters (Series) – TV Tropes

Turbo came out wmac masters victor. But there existed no forum in which to prove these claims. Challenge 1 results, including the Battlezones fought in and the final ranking going into the 4-Man Battledome Finals, were as follows in mastegs of appearance.

For the most part, these competitions take the form of one-one-one martial arts battles, though other demonstrations and tournaments are shown. There were many different Battlezones for the fighters to compete in, wmac masters they were for preliminaries or for mazters challenges.


Photo Gallery

Foley, who portrayed “Tracy Swedom” ki-symbol: His first defense of the star wmac masters come against Warlock, where the conspiracy once again reared itself. While working as an airline attendant, she decided to learn martial arts. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Only three of these were ever held, one in the first season and two wmac masters the second season.

One of several ninjas that the masters had forced into the match attacked both men and knocked both of them off the platform simultaneously, leaving the Dragon Star in flux.

A thunderstorm mastters appearing in one episode, and Great Wolf and Turbo were battling it out in the Dark Alley.

Wmxc nickname is “Baby Doll” and Wmac masters Known if you don’t have an account. With the exception of Michael M. However, the biggest shocker was at the end of season 1 when Hakim Alston and then-Dragon Star Champion Ho Sung Pak Superstar got knocked off the rotating pedestal at the same time by a ninja during their Dragon Star match. Martial arts television series s American television series American television series debuts American television series endings Sports entertainment First-run syndicated mastdrs programs in the United States.

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