That was the emotion that brought everyone together. In many places comedy and rap were linked in early stages. Most of my tracks start from anger, and then in my tracks and videos I turn this anger into fun. Sindh people were sending me death threats. This country is going through a lot of trouble, and only we can get us out of this trouble.

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Yesterday for example, I have been watching TV because of that airport bombing, and I just wrote half a song on it. Our literacy rate is low, and our education system is pretty messed up. Someone however wondered if a song like this was possible only because you are Sindhi, and you sing about Sindhi landlords. I am so rich, I fart money, and I will show you now here. Pajero chalana or ayashi mera kaam.

It comes naturally waderau me. My oa were farmers, so we still have some land, and we waderai ka beta audio mangos. Baba kiya mujhe kharchi milsakti hai aaj.

I try to tackle an issue and focus on it, because I think my country needs it. I would get laughs, but I would probably offend a lot of people too. I still have friends in Malir Town [one of the 18 towns of Karachi city, once famous for its vegetable and fruit farms] and they still come by.


Entertainment could heighten the intellect of people, it could teach them something new.

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Mere samne tum saroo ki moochain hain fail. We need to understand what the problems are. But I have not performed in the rural Sindh region.

I try to keep wadsrai work focused, and I try to be honest to it.

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To me that is a life worth living, I guess. Or they would do something small, and they would spend months in jail for that. During that period it was hard to even come up with money for school fees.

Meri nursery se matric ki qaderai sab jali. By Thomas Burkhalter Norient on Waderai ka beta audio 10, In the Middle East many artists are from elite families, and I sometimes wonder how they can actually speak what the masses are thinking. We tried to sell every property we had, or we tried to borrow money. I ultimately want to speak to the masses.


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It was about feudal lords and people in power doing whatever they like and getting away with it. And to which extent was the song about protesting, and maybe even about changing Pakistan?

Media makes you think one way.

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Mooroo in Aflatoon Studios in Karachi Photo: Shoori chal tou sahi tujhe dekhata hun Maaraad. I did over shows. But there is no good entertainment, with good messages.

Basically we shared the video clip on our pages and profiles, and from there it just became crazy. Chorah saen wdaerai saen, saen ka kutta bhi saen. Kyunke sari cute girls hain mujhse paat ti.