Thus in rage, Viraat decides to leave the home and distraught Maanvi follows him. Jhanvi flute background tune mp3 Song Download Dil In the court Viren saves both Jeevika and Viraat from punishment as new investigations reveal the real killer is Jaiswal, Viren’s long time foe. Inder follows Maanvi’s advise, takes up the case and later wins it too, thus Maanvi gets vindicated. Walking a few steps away from him, she felt his pull on her hand stopping her from leaving. Nevertheless, the couple withstand and support each other to face the challenge and soon Viraat wins music album contract on his own and thus returns to the family home.

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It took a few seconds to readjust to the change in light, a few blinks sufficing in opening his eyes to the bright room ahead. Viren helps Viraat to recover and soon Virat realises Maanvi is his truelove, goes to Rishikesh to propose rringtone. Carefully opening the door, she was hit by the lack of light. Pankhuri and Aditya Love scene Background music Jeevlka Tu hi bata mere maula mp3 Full Song songs.

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Thus Viraat and Maya come together. The stars and moon and the night sky bore witness to me coming here, especially for you. Forget me, forget our love and forget the life we shared. Mahesh Talkad Sanjay Malwankar Danny.


This page was last edited on 2 Januaryat FJ Live Traffic Stats. A fight breaksup viren and jeevika ringtone sisters as Maanvi rejects Jeevika’s plan to abort child inorder to save her. Venturing further inside the room, she found her husband asleep; his chest heaving rhythmically. He could only guess their balcony doors were open as an unsavoury breeze touched upon his arms, shaking him of viren and jeevika ringtone previous stupor. The road ahead will be filled with sorrow and regret, and that is not the life I want for you.

He sighed, pushing his body away from the wooden frame; his fingers making their way through his hair. I love you Viren-ji, till my last breadth, the last beat of my heart, and that is why I must go. Smirking wryly, he lobbied the wet towel from around his head towards her, only for it to land in her lap.

Archived from the original on 29 October Por favor,activa el JavaScript! He laughed softly, leaning heedlessly against the doorframe. But Jeevika’s anger towards father surprises Maanvi.

In the court Viren saves both Jeevika and Viraat from punishment as new investigations reveal the real killer is Jaiswal, Viren’s long time foe.


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Jeevika watched as he came before her again, slowly revealing the small vessel of sindoor in his hand. Thus Jaiswal is found guilty and imprisoned. Soon Maanvi confess her love to Viraat, so too Vadhera family approves their love. Later, Jeevika too learns about Karan, trails him to viren and jeevika ringtone Bunglow anf counter him.

Maanvi gets operated successfully and soon, Viraat and Maanvi gets married. Raghav and Krish Background Music [Aaa Jhansi Ki Rani 9 Fear Files: My demons haunt me, and the past is still alive in my conscience — Ringtne can not forget. Karan who claims to be Swamini’s estranged son enters the family.

Vadhera family welcomes them andin joy with news of Maanvi’s pregnancy. Later, Maanvi’s health deteriotes and Doctors declare only bone marrow transplant can save her. Sitting himself down on the bare chair, he gingerly opened the white envelope, slowly taking out the neatly folded paper inside.