Hence the popular “saraswati pUja” is dedicated by sri vaishnavas to lakshmi-hayagrIva” only. Who is Nila Mata? Note that words like “rAtri”, “siddhi”, “svadha” etc do not mean “night”, “superhuman powers”, etc but have deeper etymology signifying the attributes of lakshmi. Hence, our AchAryAs often refer to them as “shadows” of Lakshmi. According to some stories Goddess Saraswati is also the wife of Lord Vishnu. Of course, bhagavAn being Brahman bears both male and female names by virtue of pervasion, but Lakshmi is a jIvAtma who is his consort and a nitya sUri and bears all female names that signify perfections.

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I am asking because Draupadi is described as an incarnation of shrI in the Mbh. Aaryamaa July 28, at 1: Sri Velukkudi bhagavatam Yes, I was talking about that reference. No idea as to who she was, most likely a puNyAtma who had the special favor of the Lord. Aaryamaa January 24, at 7: The etymological meaning of sarasvati is linked with vedic speech.

Sri udi Krishan Swamy Srimad Bhagavatam.P-6

As Saci is the queen of svarga, she velukkudi bhagavatam also known as ShrI. And that Bhu-devi and Nila-devi are amshas of Sri? When it is common knowledge that all names belong to vishNu, is it not self evident that all female names belong to Lakshmi?


Additionally, the medha sUktam in the vedas is a praise of lakshmi as the goddess of knowledge.

Srimad bhagavatam velukkudi krishnan download

What of the gopis and gopas of Krishna lila? Also, are you Lakshminarasimhan, the indology buff?

He is under her total influence. Neela Devi is described in the Vedas, in the Neela Suktam. I will also check the entire Mahabharata, if time permits. You are bhUti, medha, sraddha and sarasvati. Namaste If 3 wives are intended in velukkudi bhagavatam purusha sukta, why is it the dual patnyau is velukkudi bhagavatam Neeladevi is mentioned in Srimad Bhagavatam as the one whom Krishna wed after taming 7 bulls in svayamvara.

Dear Aditi Singh, I do not know what the source of your information is. Velukkydi to some stories Goddess Saraswati is also the wife of Lord Vishnu.

Srimad Bhagavatam in Tamil

Tulasi-devi is a distinct goddess who is revered for her connection with bhagavAn. Humble Bhagavata Bandhu April 16, at Neela Devi is not Saraswati.

Anonymous Velukkydi 24, velukkudi bhagavatam Anonymous November 21, at This did cross our minds. I am also talking about another part where Saraswati is considered as the speech of Narayana.


Tantra is just another word for Agama, although it has acquired connotations of Shaiva and Shakta Agamas. Could you also answer the 2nd part of my question “Also, Lakshmi mata and Lord Vishnu are velukkudi bhagavatam married, then why did Lakshmi mata marry Lord Vishnu after Samudra Manthan? You are siddhi, you are svadha, svaha and sudha.

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She was the daughter of Kumbhaka, the brother of Yashoda. Sorry for the silly question.

We say that Sarasvati is the goddess of knowledge and Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth. Anonymous January 24, velukkudi bhagavatam 6: Please click here and read the information in red carefully before posting comments Kindly also check if we already have an answer to your question, in the FAQ section of this blog: However, “wealth” does not simply mean ordinary wealth as assumed by many people nowadays, though it is also a part of it.