Encyclopaedia of Indian cinema. Retrieved 7 August The western music influenced song is Shola jo bhadke dil mera dhadke Albela , which continued to inspire imitations in India even […]. Yesterday, I played VCDs just to know who was the choreographer of this movie and in this process I got so much engrossed that I saw the entire movie after many years. What is this blog all about This blog discusses Bollywood songs of yesteryears. Notify me of new comments via email.

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Shola jo bhadke, dil mera dhadke Albela Mo, C. Retrieved 7 August By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Shola Jo Bhadke Dil Mera Dhadhke – ALBELA

Not just the music, even the picturisation was far ahead of its time, and this song soon became a rage. Bhagwan was not a business savvy person therefore he was unable to capitalise on the success of this movie. C Ramchandra was often known as Chitalkar while singing.

This song, as well as the video of the song took Bollywood by storm, because the movie goers had never seen or heard anything like this before. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Bhagwan, then a C grade movie producer, took a big risk in producing this movie which was a big step forward for him. Yesterday, I played VCDs just to know who was the choreographer of this movie and in this process I got so much engrossed that I saw the entire movie after many years.


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Join 1, other followers. Total visits so far 11, hits. Check out at 4: The choreographer of this movie was the then popular Surya Nhadke.

Get chords by search: shola jo bhadke by c ramchandra

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. And in those days, her voice sounded so fresh, and in any case, she was only a few years into the industry, and was still evolving as a singer.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. One can clearly see the influence of western music in the songs of this movie at a time when the Bollywood playback singing was in its nascent stage. Then one day when he feels that he has achieved his success, he returns home – only to find out that the money and gifts he has been sending home are missing; his mom has passed away; his dad and sister are missing, believed to be begging in the streets; his sister’s marriage has been canceled; his brother cannot support himself; and his sister-in-law, has a dark deep secret that she cannot tell anyone.

Historical dates Blog Start date: Instead Pyarelal brings home one hundred rupees, informing his family that he has been fired from his job, and will be unable to shola jo bhadke dil mera dhadke any more money. Ramachandra as Chitalkar himself sang most of the male songs in the movie while Lata Mangeshkar sang all the female songs. Ramchandra and the soundtrack was acclaimed, cited as a “classic”. It is now time for Vimla to get married, her dad has saved a thousand Rupees, while Mohan has made arrangements for six hundred shola jo bhadke dil mera dhadke, and Pyarelal is asked to arrange for four hundred.


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: He leaves, swearing only to return when he is a famous and wealthy man. Atul’s Bollywood song a day-with full lyrics. He meets with pretty actress, Asha, both fall in love with each other, and he starts acting in the theater, and achieves quick success.

You are commenting using your WordPress. I am wondering if the reason for Bhagwan not seeing the same kind of success replicated subsequently may have had to do with the extra fat on his body, and so …, but who am I to comment on others?

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Hbadke a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here And one can notice that he sounds so much like Talat Mahmood. Email required Address never made public.