The Eduroam client installation procedure begins. If any of the details in your wifi profile are incorrect then your authentication will fail and you will not gain wifi access via eduroam. Confirm selection by clicking the button. Most likely, you’ll have to restart Windows 7 after the install. This is commercial third-party supplicant software see note above , available from www. The wireless client relies upon the SSL certificate presented by your home authentication server in order to carry out this verification.

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All times are GMT Enter your username in to the Username box then enter your password in to the Password and Re-enter Password boxes.

SecureW2 | Next-Gen Wired and Wireless Security

Improve network security, reduce IT costs, and give a better user experience SecureW2. No obligations, with full access to support. Yes No Not Sure.

Close the window by clicking the button. Note the inclusion of your domain name e. Ensure the Enable session resumption quick connect checkbox is selected.

Secure w2 eap 1.1.1

Un-select Remember my credentials for securew2 eap suite connection each time I’m logged on. Click Manually create a network profile. The SecureW2 website contains the software and installation instructions. The built-in wireless client comes with a list of public CA’s already installed and if your site’s certificate is signed by one of those CA’s then you don’t need to install a CA certificate yourself.


Further info on server identity Server Identity When your client connects to eduroam, it will try to verify the identity of your securew2 eap suite authentication server before it passes your credentials to the server for validation.

Information required Sample string in the instructions below Your home site’s domain name as would appear in, for example, your e-mail address e. Server Identity When your client connects to eduroam, it will try to verify the identity of your home authentication server before it passes your credentials to the server for validation.

eduroam – Educational Roaming Infrastructure

Contact Us Legal Privacy and cookies. You can verify that the certificate is installed by running MMC mmc. CA Certificate As described in a later step, you must supply the details of the SSL certificate of your home authentication server as part of the eduroam profile. After reboot, click the Windows start button, then Control Panel. In the Network name: We do not recommend setting up a client that securew2 eap suite not adapted to the Eduroam network manually.

The YourNetwork Wireless Network properties dialogue box appears. In case the User Account Control window opens the client needs to be installed by clicking the Allow button it is an executable file. The Control Panel opens. Email addresses from free providers Gmail, Hotmail, etc.

If you need anything else let me know and I can try to help out. If all steps were properly set, the connection will be established automatically. A list of previously connected wireless networks appears. We use cookies to provide the best user experience possible on our website.


The data used in the example below is fictional so replace it with your own during the installation process. Onboarding for BYOD Onboard every major operating system with ease and deliver securew2 eap suite connections with no IT burden OS auto-detection and delivery of security settings SSID steering and connection technology, not just configuration but ensure reliable connections Dramatically reduce helpdesk costs.

In the left pane, click Control Sexurew2 Home, then in the right pane under the Network and Internet section click View network status and tasks.

The setup of eduroam connection is completed.

Instructions for Windows 7 (Windows Vista)

Under the current licensing of SecureW2, recent versions of the software are no longer available for free and instead an individual or site license must now be purchased. Originally Posted by ab Ok I have attached the xml file as a txt document. Confirm selection by clicking the button.