Underground Remastered Version. The duo is joined by drummer Bill Vitt and bassist John Kahn, who soon became a lifelong Garcia collaborator. Daylight’s Wasting Remastered Version. Velvet Remastered Version. The Wolf Goshfather Remix. Views Read Edit View history.

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Access the complete album info 10 songs. Retrieved 14 March A crystal imbued with magical power and used as a energy source for a golem.

Brand New Savoy EP – SUPERTRAIL | Daily Steeze – Music & Culture

A free music blog offering a eclectic variety of metal and electronica. Brooklyn, New York Denver, Colorado. Make Me Feel Good. The Daily Eastern News. Posted by [tlr] at Underground Remastered Version. Jojee Summer Was Fun Remix. Savvoy band like Phoenix is really cool because they actually do a lot of electronic processing in the studio. Access the complete album info 12 songs.


Retrieved 11 January Tour January 16 in Washington, D. Savoy inperforming at Spring Awakening.

Savoy (group) – Wikipedia

Let You Let Me. ElectronicaRock music. Monstercat – Best of Dubstep. Tour Savoy supertrail ep el in Washington, D. The Wolf Varien Remix. Electronic rock musical groups Monstercat artists Dubstep music groups American electronic music groups American rock music groups Electronic music groups from Colorado Electronic music groups from New York state. Celtic Christmas Tribute to Enya. The Wolf Savoy Live Version.

[Electro House/Dubstep] SAVOY – Supertrail EP

However, we try to post stuff that in some way captures the spirit of magicore. Access the complete album info 8 songs. Newer Post Older Post Home. Savoy supertrail ep 17 at 4: P cock rock disco savoy supertrail ep bass coded sleep Coffin Maker cold metal future Cold Womb Descent coldwave collaborations cOmaRecOrdz cOmaWreck ComaWrek comedy comic books commie dread common dominator compilation Concept concept story Conceptual condensed milk Contact Group for Homemade Electronics cool Core Core Collective Records corecontax corvid canine cory johnson cory martin Cosmic Cosmic Black Metal cosmos cover song cover songs Covers Cowshed Records cpt kirk on lsd experience crabhat crackula Crank Sturgeon crazy creamic records creepy Crimson Moon crippled cristinky crossbreed Crossbreed.


Man In The Park. A style of music primarily savy influence from various genres of metal, electronic dance music, video-game music, and Japanese pop music.

Access the complete album info 11 songs. Retrieved 3 January Lied Cu Fluturi A crystal imbued with magical power and used as a energy source for a golem. Love Is Killing Supertail feat.