People can continue to work in their familiar desktop applications. Connectors released with Lotus Quickr 8. Users can install connectors from the server by clicking Lotus Quickr Connectors from the footer and downloading the qkrconn. The default filename, if not specified, is QuickrCfg. Notices Copyright information and a list of trademarks. Printing When you print this document some of the style elements are removed to create a better print output.

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Lotus Quickr works inside and outside firewalls. Terms of use Understand the terms and conditions before you use this publication.

Silent install with no restart and settings for Lotus Notes and Lotus Sametime. The application requirements of clnnector latest Lotus Quickr Connectors are as quickr connector.

For more information, see Enabling single sign-on for Lotus Quickr. This article relies too much on references to primary sources. Manually upgrading client workstations to the latest Lotus Quickr Connectors Follow these steps to upgrade the Quickr Connectors from a previous version without having end users uninstall first.

After installing or upgrading connectors, you can disable the connectors download feature from the site. Please improve this article by removing excessive or inappropriate external links, and converting useful links where appropriate into footnote references. Lotus Quickr Connectors About this edition Product overview What’s new in the Lotus Connctor Connectors Accessibility features Planning System requirements Authentication options Using Basic authentication Using Integrated Windows authentication Installing and upgrading User installation Silent installation Upgrading the connectors on client workstations Manually upgrading client workstations to the latest Lotus Quickr Connectors Silently upgrading client workstations to the latest Lotus Quickr Connectors Installing a connevtor interim fix Silently installing a connectors interim fix Suppressing connector functionality Quickr connector the Add place to connectors quickr connector Configuring connectors Pre-configuring users’ desktops with connector content Managing connector policies Configuring collaborative installations for Lotus Quickr for Domino only Conector of use Notices End of document.


Administrators can qiuckr install connectors or control which servers are available for collaborative connector installations. Administrators can create policies for connectors to override default connector settings, disable users from changing connector settings, and set policies at install time by editing the Microsoft Windows registry.

Accessing Alfresco as a Team Place using Quickr connectors

IBM Lotus Quickr is social team collaboration software, used by teams of people to share content. Socks proxies in the place connectors for Lotus Notes or Lotus Sametime are not supported.

People can continue to work in their familiar desktop applications. The following is the valid xml format that will be parsed and understood. Connector deployment options Deployment option Condition to use Command sample Connfctor Fresh install, no old driver exists.

IBM Lotus Quickr Connectors download document – United States

Default settings refer to the Setting definitions table Note: Users quickr connector the place connector for Lotus Quickr connector and the place connector for Lotus Notes can invite others to download the connectors by sending URL links to conector servers to use for the downloads. A user can install and upgrade connectors through the server, or an administrator can perform a silent installation or upgrade for all connector users. You can change the default behavior and specify that collaborative installations occur from a different server.


This article’s use of external links may not follow Wikipedia’s policies or guidelines. IBM reserves the right to withdraw the permissions granted herein whenever, in its discretion, the use of the quickr connector is detrimental to its interest or, as determined by Quickd, the above instructions are not being properly followed.

The Activities application can quickr connector be integrated with Lotus Quickr, allowing users to publish documents from an activity to a Lotus Quickr space. The latest updates to the Lotus Quickr Connectors are as follows: A silent installation means the end user does not need to perform the upgrade manually.

Software Arts Iris Associates cc: If the file specified already exists, the operation will abort. Send folders, documents, and pages to Trash and restore them as needed. Users can select Integrated Windows Authentication in the Authentication Type field the first time they attempt to connect to a place.

Specify which connector to install.

Accessing Alfresco as a Team Place using Quickr connectors | Alfresco Documentation

In this case a server’s fully-qualified URL download connecctor is constructed automatically from the server’s relative URL. The Lotus Quickr wiki, and its related publications, are accessibility-enabled.

Quickr connector Agenda Lotus cc: Before upgrading connectors on client workstations, make sure users have the required versions of the applications already installed on the client workstations.