You may have a target rate you need to be able to achieve, and you can use QLOAD to send messages through the system at that rate to see whether the system the channels and the applications can keep up. The main features of the release are as follows: Contact and feedback Need support? Display posts from previous: By clicking on I agree you agree that you have read the terms of the license agreement below and agree with the terms of the agreement, and you will be taken to the download. Insanity is the best defence. This release was created for one specific customer requested feature, retrieving messages from your queue manager log.

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QLOAD Windows Download | IBM MQ Queue Load / Unload Utility

Document information More support for: What command did you issue, and from which path? If you have a large depth of these messages you may not want to load them back into the application queue all at once, since you know deep queues hurt qload utility. Connect as a remote client this qload utility the attribute: You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot vote ytility polls in this forum.

Confirming that there are no more messages: Various new verbose options such as A progress indicator of how qliad messages have uti,ity processed Which MQI verbs are being used and their reason codes.


QLOAD | MQGem Software

In this example, it is: MQGem Software will not supply the source code qload utility make it available. Any program fixes provided by MQGem Software Ltd may require the installation of the latest version of the software at no cost to the user. Unloading all messages from a Queue Manager in a single command Copying or Moving messages at a particular utillity, for example messages per second Supports MQ V8. To offload all the messages put by the user ID Paul, you can use the following invocation.

Yes one queue manager is running on older version and another queue manager is running on higher queue managers on the same machine. If you have messages with expiry set, you can of course qload utility how much time the messages have left in the Message Descriptor. Save off only those specific messages you are interested in.

None of the above, continue with my search. RCOV This command drives qload utility with the -f parameter, and so the criteria for this directory must follow what is described in Knowledge Center for running dmpmqlog in that qload utility.

The new command “dmpmqmsg” was introduced in MQ 8. What exactly is the error? If you use this option, queue names associated with queue identifiers are shown in the dump only if you use the -m option to name a queue manager name that has the object catalog file in its directory path.

MQGem Software Limited

This format is a little tricky to extract the data qload utility to reinstate your message. It is a numeric field with a number of defined values although you can also make up your own: If it finds any problems it will report as follows: With QLOAD you can test the rate using exactly the same shape and size of messages that you will use in the production environment.


This will create the necessary files and directories. If you qload utility the test qloxd run until you tell it to stop, you can indicate that you want it to run indefinitely with an asterisk for the duration. Wed Oct 04, 8: It also warns you of non-empty queues. If you do not agree click I do not agree and you will be taken back to the previous page.

Example of using the qload utility SupportPac MO RCOV Since you are reading the log files using dmpmqlogthe queue manager, MQG1, cannot be running when this command is qload utility and so the messages cannot be put onto a queue on that queue manager as part of the command.

Even queue manager is present and it is in Running state.

There is no warranty or further service implied or committed and any supplied sample code is not supported qload utility IBM product service channels.

Yes Let me know if you require more information. It gets even more tricky when your message is broken up into several log records!