What I mean is, have you ever been playing a record when all of a sudden it gets too much for you and you find yourself racked with heart-wrenching sobs? The Disappearance of the Girl is her first full-on engagement with a mainstream way of bringing her music to the world. At the age of eight she was to be deprived of music, radio and TV by her extremist father for the next ten years, and, only progressed her love for music in secret lunchtime sessions at school. With frost-coated but warm-centred songs about darkness, sacrifice and the wolf as a dispenser of penitence, this could be gothic. I absolutely loved the video, all built on hinted meanings, shadows and shapes and different shades of violet.

phildel the disappearance of the girl

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The Re-Emergence of the Girl – An Interview With Phildel! | TITEL kulturmagazin

Do I call you Phildel or Zara? I really enjoyed directing the music videos — it was the disapppearance I could get to showing the world of my imagination to others in that visual way. If so who would be your dream artist to work with? I challenge you not to be captured by its pace, its heavyness even if there are no guitars.

The Re-Emergence of the Girl – An Interview With Phildel!

It is an album of quite remarkable quality and displays a talent which surely cannot stay hidden for much longer. Rise Twain Inside Out Music: Finally, have you had any ideas for the follow-up album yet?


phildel the disappearance of the girl

From then I had European wide interest from music publishing companies, record labels and managers. More ads followed, as did the classically-inclined album Qi. Beneath the calm of your music are some quite incisive lyrics, how intentional is that? Diese Website benutzt Cookies. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Sadly the record is now finished and I am so impressed. In an intriguing interview we discussed the debut album, dance music, her upbringing, the beauty of sine waves and a whole lot more.

Phildel – The Disappearance Of The Girl by Phildel | Phildel | Free Listening on SoundCloud

School was the only place she could pursue music. Yes, I am talking of art girll, as I would have talked of a painting or a sculpture because her music, videos, promo shots are complementary to each other creating her dreamy and classy world. Do you think this is an adequate description of your music?

And I do read manuals more these days…. You taught yourself how to produce music.

Have you ever cried while listening to an album? A track that leaves you aghast at its end. What I find interesting about synths and how people approach them is how few people view the sine wave as the instrument sound — artists are often all about altering the actual sine wave as part of the art, in a way that you would rarely do to a violin or cello.

Visit the Phildel website here.

phildel the disappearance of the girl

It took me about seven months to complete them disappearznce. New Iggy Pop video September 30, Do you hear it yourself? The plain and simple truth is that Phildel has a voice like no other. Yes, the visual aspect is completely how I create all of my musical arrangements. Beck who together make up Rise Twain, talk about their debut album – out now on Inside Out Music – and more.


phildel the disappearance of the girl

For those who would like to get involved please contact Phildel at: Mariah Huehner, who has written for the True Blood and Angel series of comics, has said Pgildel is an inspiration. Does it have a specific meaning to you?

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. But, there is something about mystery that captures the unknown and mysterious natures of our own minds and existence in general — so in some ways, perhaps mystery in art brings us closer to the nature of our existence and we relate to art on a deeper level if it carries that mystery.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Your album The Disappearance of The Girl has been getting rave reviews.