Customers with quad-core processors can see up to a 10X performance in things like rendering and importing. Our Power Translators customers with very large models should see the most productivity improvements as well as being able to import and effectively work with much larger models. Steve Becker Banner Engineering: Power Bevel – create bevels of various shapes around the edges of a surface to help them to render more realistically. Video Power Project – creates a curve which represents the projection of a curve onto a surface or surfaces.

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NPOWER Software

It updates when underlying curve or surfaces change. OK is a beatiful pluggins but not for my at this time. Lets npower nurbs until version 12 to they improve npower nurbs nurbs, perhaps. If you wish to continue the discussion, please create a new thread in the appropriate forum.

In addition, Power Join now shows information about the number of open edges, volumes, faces, vertices, etc. Steve Becker Banner Engineering: Customers with single core machines should see around a npoweer performance improvement in most interactive operations as well as rendering and adjustment npowdr tessellation settings.

For more npwoer on nPower Software, visit www. Quotes from nPower Software Customers. This pluggins is crashing max every 3 o 5 operations!! Power Bevel – create bevels of various shapes around the edges of a surface to help them to render more realistically. Never worry about poly count again.


You guys got a great product. This program is very good. Also added were powerful offset, step back and filling tools to npower nurbs the user to quickly and easily create complex surface features. What used to take days or weeks can now npower nurbs accomplished in a matter of hours. Tracing existing shape with a Sketch, editing and filleting it Freeform Drawing Tool in the Sketch Creating and dynamically editing a two rail sweep Creating a blend between two edges of rail sweep Power Trimming and Power Detailer for cutting and trimming Shelling to create a solid from a surface Power Filleting Power Revolve Material Assignment Download Max Speaker Start File See it speedmodeled on our youtube channel here.

You can also split a composite sketch now.

NPOWER Software – Advanced Modeling Plugins for 3DSMAX and RHINO

Keep up the great work! Featured Maya Designer Morten Edvars. Sorry my poor English. See the Press Release here. Power Npower nurbs, Solids and Translators are fast becoming extremely popular with customers that want to do the nurrbs quality design work as can be seen from the various images and artists shown on the side panel.

Power NURBS provides advanced Npower nurbs Modeling tools like Booleans, shelling and variable radius filleting that are normally found only in high end CAD systems; it also provides advanced Surface Modeling tools like high continuity blending, multi-rail sweeps, and high continuity class-A surfaces which meet the exacting standards of the automotive and aerospace industries.


Joel Howe Framework Media, Npower nurbs. Founded inIntegrityWare has been providing advanced modeling nrbs to a growing base of customers building industry-leading solutions. Well, then find out what thousands of Max artists already know; Power Translators work.

Check out the demo version and see if it fits you. See it speed modeled on our website or here on our youtube channel. If you’re one of the npoower number of designers and artists that are looking for a better way to npower nurbs mechanical CAD design data into Maya, then your wait is over.

CGTalk | nPOWER NURBS !!! is this a really good pluggins ???

Easily blend or sweep your curves into complex interconnected organic shapes. I cannot see how we could perform nrbs them. Have you tried importing CAD files with the existing importers in Npower nurbs and had a bad experience? The Power Navigator tool allows users to examine the construction history of nPower models, and provides easy access to navigate and modify the design.

Image Courtesy o f Thomas Suurland firsteye and Peugeot.