Fate overtook his world that day, when he was accused of taking a life, and now he works through taking the livelihoods of other men. Temple puts fucking Mara on a pedestal when she does not deserve it. I think this was a battle of wits because both main protagonists have a sharp tongue and they really know how to use it. The surprise reveal at the end regarding Chase was definitely unexpected. She committed a wrong, and she ended up making a man pay for it not with his life, but his reputation, his dignity, without his heritage, a disgrace to his family name.

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Me incomodou a facilidade com a qual ele aceitou Mara em sua vida e todas as bobagens que ela fez. This book was a waste of my time.

Nov 16, Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies rated it did not like it Shelves: The “plot moppets” are such an obvious ploy that it makes my head hurt – especially since it doesn’t work. She took on the role of Mrs.

Without a body, he cannot be convicted, but his name and his family name has been dragged through the mud.

No Good Duke Goes Unpunished by Sarah MacLean

However, the pieces of her puzzle slowly merges together to reveal the depth of complexity of dukee character – that of someone so perfectly no good duke goes unpunished epub who, armed with immature confidence, had simply gors a vast mistake.


Oh, look, she wants to extort money out of me! View all 23 comments. The Rules of Scoundrels 4 books. I could be blind for the rest of my life and I would still see you. Temple deserves to know unpuniished complete truth and if, after telling him everything, he sees unpunisehd to help her, then so be it; if not, she made her own bed and she’d better get used sleeping on it, instead of carrying her mess into other people’s lives. As for the orphan story-line? Accused of a crime he didn’t commit, he adopts the alter-ego of a brawler in order to own the image he didn’t create for himself.

She could do this for him. I thought she handled everything in the only way she could. He adopted the name Temple, he begins fighting as a boxer, and made his reputation as the Killer Duke. Her swift transformation after Temple was stabbed by her brother just didn’t come soon enough for me. View all 5 comments.

epug Temple was enjoyable and I liked his character very much, but it did frustrate me that it took so long for him to finally get the truth from her. In typical MacLean fashion she managed to deftly give this character more dimension, growth, redemption no good duke goes unpunished epub a heap full of introspection and self-recrimination and I found myself not being able to hate Mara any longer.

Even though No Good Duke was a pretty standard historical romance, there were still a few moments which managed to stand out. There is blazing anger, regrets, vengeful thoughts, heartache, fears, doubts, and guilt which made for a very complicated romance.


I will publicly challenge you to a boxing duel in front of a full house! If you are new to MacLean’s work I’d suggest starting this series from the beginning. He just wants his revenge.

I absolutely, without a doubt, loathed the character of Mara. Until he sees how lovely Mara is. This will not put me off this author and I will continue this series.

Sarah MacLean

In the beginning she was positively dismissive about what her little scheme had done to his life. But he fell in love with her anyway…and they lived happily ever after. He was dark, moody and torn to pieces on the inside but unppunished solid mass on the outside and no one was let in So then, to prove she’s an okay girl, for a useless frame-up artist, we have to show her doing Good Deeds.

She may not be my favorite Dule heroine and I don’t think I can ever say I love her but her sincerity and honesty saved her. I just couldn’t no good duke goes unpunished epub her. I hate the way these “modern” romance writers seem to think it’s cool to channel goofy out-of-genre stuff.