I downloaded the desktop app, installed and configured everything exactly as directed, and got connection just fine. For Windows PC Yes you can. As long as your Wi-Fi connection is good, you can go as far as you want and still be able to listen to the music. However, OS X Lion and up run on 64bit by default. After the installation of the desktop version is finished, you can start downloading the mobile version on your phone.

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What does this application do? On Mac Mobiola Headset stores all yours recordings on your Desktop.

When I’m mobiola headset Skype, people will comment that I sound muffled and it takes like ten seconds for them to receive what I actually said. The drivers allow you not only use Headset with any Neadset application such as Skypebut simply turn you iPhone into mobile speakers.

Mobiola Headset for iPhone / iPod Touch FAQ :: SHAPE Services

In order to do so you should take mobiola headset following steps:. Mobiola Headset is available for iOS 3. Private Secure Messenger with Group Chat. In new mobiola headset you should specify: You will notice that your PC has detected a connection and will ask you to allow your phone to connect.


Also, in case you want to record a VoIP call you just need to press the red button displayed on either the desktop or mobile version of the application. I bought this app to use my headsdt touch headphones to hear my computer audio, instead of my bluetooth headset, which only has a ten foot range. You will hear any sounds, alerts, music etc. By default it stores mobiola headset in folder: On Windows PC Yes, you mobiolq.

Basically, you will be able to record conversations and save them in. But where it holds the recordings I have beadset Just accept and you are set to use your mobile device as a wireless headset.

Mobiola headset for pc

Which operation systems are supported by Mobiola Headset? Developer Website App Support. The location of files depends on your operation system. In order to do so mobiola headset should take the following steps: But help me to decide — which connection ports are better to use? In order to use your iPhone as remote micropnone for your Mac change your default Input device to Mobiola Microphone. Don’t worry if the music sound is crappy, as you will need to make one more adjustment. Desktop part also adds new sound drivers to your system — these drivers are required in order to use Mobiola Headset for iPhone.


Improved connection stability New features: If you are unable mobiola headset connect, please follow this small guide: You will mobiola headset to choose Mobiola Wave option, so you can hear anything on your phone. The application uses another compression algorithm when it is set on Music mode. The first time you open Skype after you have installed Mobiola Headset, it will ask you if you want to use Mobiola’s audio device.

While Headset is recording, you will see active mobiola headset on the screen. Install it and start the application on your desktop PC.

Heavy internet traffic Heavy server traffic Bad weather conditions back to top Can I record the sounds from Mobiola Headset for iPhone? Go headdset the program’s Preferences and click on the Output option.

In order to use your iPhone as remote micropnone for your Mac change your default Input device to Mobiola Microphone 2. Be aware — by International Airlines rules you are forbidden to use any communication devices during mobiola headset board flight.