The first input must be between 1 and the number of lines in the text box. Commands the active turtle to move backwards a specific number of turtle steps. You can also use the remove command to remove a project variable. Retrieved January 05, , from http: There are 7 instrument names: Local can only be used in a procedure.

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You will turn up lots of resources for MicroWorlds on the Web if you look. Lifts up the pen of the current turtle. The shape can also be set by picking a shape from the Graphics Tab area and clicking on a turtle.

Turtle Graphics Examples

See possetxand ycor. Leave your mouse over a command graphis a few seconds and the proper use of the command will pop-up. See sin and tan. Therefore, only use the recycle command when you do not want the automatic recycle to occur when you a running a program. The text box name tag changes to blue to show that an onreadline instruction is active. Inspired by the online essay going turtoe circles http: Reports a random non-negative integer including 0 less than number.


Stands for er ase file. Turns character strings into plain lists. If more than two inputs are used, and and its graphicw must be enclosed in parentheses. The virtual and physical turtles were first used by fifth-graders at the Bridge School in Lexington, MA in It creates a black X square. Exploring language with Logo. Logo microworlds turtle graphics the Kindergarten to the University Level http: The time is measured tutle 10ths of a second.

Sets the font style in the current text box. The background color is 0 white when Microworlds turtle graphics starts up.

MicroWorlds Vocabulary (MicroWorlds in Action)

The maximum value for right is Leaves a copy of the designated transparent text box on the background. No other program offers P students such powerful opportunities for publishing interactive work on the web!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Right-click on one of those objects and you can edit it.

An exception is char 9, the tab character. A page name can microwirlds be used as input to freeze all the elements contained in that page. Sets the background microworlds turtle graphics for the page. Andrew Purdam has produced equations that allow one to explore the beauty of the harmongraph without building one October 7, spirals2. See clearnamesnamesmakeand name. Copies the background behind the turtle into the current shape of the turtle.


If the list includes the word forever or launchthe instruction’s mode is set to Many Times or Once accordingly. Tells the active turtle to wear turgle specific costume shape i.

Logo (programming language)

Laptops, Logo and Learning. Reports the current turtle’s heading in degrees. Fills a closed shape or the whole screen with the turtle’s color.