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Good runners in CTF Tonnage: LRM suite, reflective armor Weaknesses: Natalia and the rest of Alpha flee the compound, while Alyra pilots the Jezebel into a collision course with the Blakist base, destroying the entire compound and all the Nemesis prototypes. Also capable of dropping powerful bombs. The Combine JumpShip Chiba arrives in response to the distress call, and, once the MechWarrior successfully defends the Icarus from its attackers, allows them to dock. Foster recovers a data core from the attackers, which contains information about stealth technology. Has a high probability of knocking down an enemy ‘Mech if said ‘Mech is shot in the legs.

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Good runners in CTF Tonnage: In the original MechAssaultthe Elemental is actually referred to as the battle armor.

When combined with the paired lasers, machine guns and reactive armor that the Bowman has to brag about, you’ve got yourself a lethal combination in any sort of battle conditions that can be imagined. Use this ‘Mech to ferret out mechassaylt speedy BattleArmors as they try to close to Jacking distance Tonnage: When combined with the speed and jumpjet capability that the Uziel has to offer it makes for a hard to hit target that keeps pounding away at the enemy with twin seeking, sparkling balls of ‘Mech slaughter.


No Jump Jets Strengths: Mountain Song – Examining the Star Adder’s core, Foster discovers that it is a data key meant to calibrate the other cores.

It also has a Conquest mode that was very popular at the beginning of the game’s life but due to flaws in the design of the Conquest mode quickly died down in popularity. Thin armor, heavily relies on friendly units for defense Strengths: It’s Conquest, it’s persistent, and it’s a whole new game. Foster directs the MechWarrior to destroy ‘Mech production facilities captured by the Word of Blake and search for Major Natalia in the world’s underground tunnel network, using a Blood Asp.

Unleashed at close range the flamethrower will melt away armor and the internal structure of an enemy’s ‘Mech in a few blinks of an eye.

A buncha mech info for MechAssault 2

The MechAssault games in particular feature many irreconcilable conflicts with established canon. The flame balls shot from this unique ‘Mech have a short range but pack a whollup! Oddly enough it is common to find custom flame paint jobs on this ‘Mech no matter where in the galaxy you run across one. With regards to MechAssault 2: Talk Contributions Create account Log in.

The autocannons nech also carries are often forgotten by the novice pilot who will almost invariably concentrate on the plasma PPCs or flamethrower.

The turret also has a laser for close defense. Speed, Reactive Armor Weaknesses: A MA1 all time favorite Tonnage: Natalia and the rest of Alpha flee the compound, while Alyra pilots the Jezebel into a collision course with the Blakist base, destroying the entire compound and all the Nemesis prototypes.


It is the sequel to ‘s MechAssault and is backward compatible for the Xbox Despite being a heavy ‘Mech it still moves at a relatively decent speed while packing a good amount of heat. At level 3 your machineguns will shred enemy armor to bits.

MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf

Combine fast speed with Null Sig cloaking and the Raven makes the perfect candidate to walk right into the enemy’s back yard and take all their toys. Use the mortar to provide indirect fire that deals a serious amount of splash damage in a large burst, and then finish off the damaged enemy with a salvo from the pulse laser. To the Rescue – Foster reports a misjump has brought the Jezebel to the Combine world of Thestria, rather than Northwind. Twin PPC weaponry, target jamming, powerful missile weapons Mechassaultt Remember that one shot from this beast will take down most anything.

A buncha mech info for MechAssault 2

Tank Rush – Alera says she doesn’t know who the hostile forces are, but that her JumpShip, the Jezebelis still in orbit. Stay under the cover of the null-signature to avoid being spotted and killed.

Suit up in BattleArmor and seek an enemy ‘Mech to mechassault. Always try to get the Alpha Strike. Use Plasma PPCs and autocannons for long range and the flame thrower for short!