Just as I was about to leave the house with dad to watch the show, a few relatives arrive on a surprise visit. Loud music is fine- limit it to open grounds, places where people can gather — not on the roads! I was sad for a lil while, but forgot about it slowly as I sat and chatted with my cousins. Posted by Unknown at You have no option to sit at all! I crash landed from my dreams of watching one of my favourite performers on stage live!

kulichu kuriyittu song

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Infact, they have had some really amusing bus journeys as track record!

YESUDAS HITS – essessmedia

She understands where I came from and gives me an even colder stare. With my ticket getting confirmed at the last moment, my hopes of spending some more time at tvm and catching up on friends too ended. Kuritittu this I don’t wish to violate any copyrights J sweet girls aint we? Mini Anand video Ulsava Ganangal Vo.

And then again stopped over at some place to see ruins of a fort — The Alampara fort and kuriyitt. Bhags was the first to reach CBE though from Chennai. Onappoove Omalppoove – Aavani Pookkal My dad n mom with some kulcihu family members came in a temp traveler. He has that quality in abundance, which gives our more mundane existence a touch of magic, for he is larger than life.


What a sight it is when you see the group with dark green leaves, light green stems and bright yellow flowers with a dark brown pollens…!

kulichu kuriyittu mp3 indir

L Wonder who made that rule!!!!! Some others, are military mahabalis who and come visit their home towns in kerala once a year during onam.

Madalasamakumee Raavum Nilavin – Aavanipookkooda. It was close to 3 am when a lorry driver came on the wrong side and hit our bus on the right. When one finds that his earlier songs are better than the new, and the new songs better than the old, one is at a loss, as there is no flaw in his music. Hindi songs such as ‘Gori tera, Jane man, yeh subah suhani ho, Jab deep jale aana and Kahan se aaye badra’, show his inimitable ability to excel in a different language.

kulichu Kuriyittu – Evergreen Malayalam Onam Song

Newer Posts Older Posts Home. We left the campus at around 8 to catch our train back to Bangalore with slightly heavier luggage cause of the tones of sand we exported from the beach and loads n loads of good memories…. This song has been uploaded for listening pleasure Yesudas These songs have been uploaded for hearing pleasure They had also depicted IT lady in the modern world. We reached the beautiful union territory at 5 pm. When one hears a certain song, it is so obvious that it was written just kkulichu Yesudas to sing: When I woke kuriyittj at around 8 am I was somewhere near angamali.


Anjana and govind have been washed away in the push and kuuriyittu to the end of the compartment by now.

kulichu kuriyittu song

Songs like Pinneyum pinneyum, Kumkumappoo, Kaiyethum Doore, Maanmizhippoovu, Snehathumpi, and Kaattinu Sugandham, take the listener to a different world. After a long time, tvm city celebrated onam in style; most of the main roads were beautifully illuminated. J Yesudas video Kulichu kuriyittu I wish a hundred times that the tvm train timings from Bangalore was to the passengers convenience!

kulichu kuriyittu song

Finally the 12 member gang get going at 12 noon sharp. She is retired now and is not quite healthy, but still managed to give a decent interview.

Rajiv got too busy with work, so it was an onam without close friends and hubby jaan for me. So every half and hour there I was on the balcony, checking checking …and checking. Admired her energy to do so at 85 years of age.

After a light breakfast and little bit of helping mom in kitchen, I sit back to enjoy the special programs on different mallu channels.