In the past I did this with less important reasons. Operation terminated with problems. Comments and User Reviews. I agree with Sjef and Matera that this doesn’t seem caused by IV. Maybe not the solution, but only then you can take the next step.

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I’ve just downloaded from here: You could smell the smoke if there was any connection – a lot of people would be burning mad!

IrfanView graphic viewer

I would try a thorough system “grooming” before .399 anything desperate – clean up all temporary files www. Then IrfanView should install without a problem.

To avoid this, empty your cache Temporary Internet Files folder first irfanview 3.99 download it again. Operation terminated with problems. To be absolutely shure, you could first install your downloaded IrfanView version 4 at the system of your ladyfriend.

IrfanView Download

I disabled all scanners and tried irfanview 3.99 sources. Although, when things go wrong in idfanview system, its error-messages can become wrong too sometimes. No more irfan entries in registry. Maybe it has something to do with a different Windows user account in the past version 3. Now I can use Irfanview with no problems Registry and drive already claened and irfanview 3.99. In the past I did this with less important reasons.


Try to activate IrfanView ‘indirectly’ by irfanvieww on such a file. If it is possible try to install to a new test folder, i. Maybe you can try to call the setup. But if you have your explorer windows opend for a few minutes you should be able to rename this file. Maybe it will be scanned by your antiv virus and you have to wait a moment. It might be some pecky little update that was automatically installed and defaults to not allowing anything new to run unless you track down some little checkbox in an obscure dialog that it hopes you never see.

Hi, you can’t rename the downloaded file? Nod32 shouldn’t cause the problem, I think. Hi nex, As Nils iirfanview, the first thing to do is to check the size of your setup file bytes. After this, maybe you will be able to install the file. So, at that point, some graphical formats must have got the association wit IV.


Hopefully there’s another 33.99 member who knows the answer If the irfanvidw is different and maybe even if it is the samere-download the file, as Steve suggested. Join our mailing list Stay up irfanview 3.99 date with irfanview 3.99 33.99 releases, news, software discounts, deals and more.

It comes with multitude of features, some of which are: Did you really carry out this?

IrfanView Download for Windows /

And the winblows firewall is a crappy product. So I uninstalled 3. This it what says the irfanvuew message: I don’t think Spybot is the culprit, there are too many people using both that and IrfanView. I don’t expect much irfanview 3.99 it, but more suggestions: I even tried to rename it, but it still does not work.

Delete every Irfan-command, -dword or -folder.