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In Hyrule Warriors , a fragment of Ganondorf’s soul uses his power to remove the light which became the White Sorceress, Lana from the soul of the Guardian of Time transforming her into the Dark Sorceress, Cia. He then transforms Hilda into a painting in order to claim the Triforce of Wisdom. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. It appears in The Legend of Zelda. Views Read Edit View history. The back-story given was that Ganon gained it by thievery. It is usually associated specifically with Ganon , who uses its vast power to his own evil ends.

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Trfuerza Triforce of Power chose to speak only once, and when it did it was in the vernacular with a masculine voice. In the cartoon television series Captain Ncharacters from The Legend of Zelda and The Adventure of Link appeared four times, but the Triforce appeared only in one episode. In A Link Between Worldsit is revealed that if one obtains two pieces of the Triforce, as Yuga-Ganon did after obtaining both the Triforce of Power and Triforce of Wisdom, it will transform them slightly granting them greater powers.

It is usually associated specifically with Ganonwho uses its vast power to his own evil ends. The Triforce of Wisdom remained with Zelda and occasionally gave advice by talking through Zelda. As shown in A Link to the Pastthere are certain items, such as the Moon Pearl, which can resist the effects of the Triforce; in that game, the Moon Pearl prevents Link from being transformed into a rabbit while in the Sacred Realm.

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The final treasure is the distinctively Zelda -like Triforce. Archived from the original on Cia’s forces managed to break the seal on several fragments save for the final fragment which was held under seal by the Master Sword. In the back-story of Twilight Princessthe Triforce of Power, along with his own dark magic which is rejuvenated by being close to the malice and hatred of the execution groundsallowed Ganondorf to survive his execution at the hands of the Ancient Sages.


The Triforce of Courage trifueerza the divine essence of Farorethe Goddess of Courage, who is renowned for creating all life that inhabits the Hyrulean realm. In Hyrule Warriorsa fragment of Ganondorf’s soul uses his power to remove the light which became the White Sorceress, Lana from the soul of the Guardian of Yd transforming her into the Dark Sorceress, Cia. However, trifuera imbalanced heart changes the wish, and instead of Hyrule he rules a Sacred Realm which has become a dark version of Hyrule, where, among other things, trifuegza inhabitants are beasts.

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At the end of trifuerrza game, Link defeats him by using the Master Sword to impale him through the wound on his chest, and as Ganondorf grows weak, the Triforce crest fades from his hand. Cia eventually manages to obtain the complete Triforce by stealing the Triforce of Wisdom from Zelda while she is disguised Sheik and Triforce of Courage from Link, then uses its power to summon the different eras where the pieces of Ganondorf’s soul are sealed in order to increase her power and strengthen her army.

At the end of the game, Link defeats Ganon and takes the Triforce from its resting place. trifherza

New Leaf, the Triforce is a furniture item. The Triforce of Power and the Triforce of Courage were stolen at the beginning of the show but were returned by the end of the episode.

After he acquires all eight pieces and prepares to face Ganon, the reassembled Triforce of Courage absorbs into his hand. Link and Zelda decide to use Hyrule’s Triforce to wish for a new dawn for Lorule: In Metroid Prime 3: Sensing the darkness in the Guardian of Time’s soul a fragment of Ganondorf’s possesses the Guardian, removing the light from her soul transforming her into the Dark Sorceress, Cia who then uses the Triforce of Power to summon monsters from throughout history and uses her magic to take control of Dark Wizard, Wizzro and the Dragon Knight, Volga to be her generals.


According to the website, it is also believed that Link has the ability to master any weapon he wields due to the Triforce of Courage. Cia is eventually defeated and dies, with Lana taking possession of the Triforce of Power, becoming its first bearer to lack an evil heart.

After Yuga-Ganon is defeated, Link acquires the remaining pieces. Eventually Beast Ganon is defeated and the heroes use the Triforce to seal Ganon away once more.

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For the Starbomb album, see The TryForce. In Twilight PrincessZelda used the power of the Triforce of Wisdom to detect the dark magic trapping Link in his wolf form, and it may have granted her the power to remain in her true form in the Twilight. Zelda, after being revived, states to Midna, “Our souls were one, however briefly. Many say [ who? In A Link Between WorldsLorule’s upside-down Triforce is depicted as a symbol as well, though trifuedza the destruction of Lorule’s Triforce the Triforce has since lost much of its meaning within their culture and thus these symbols are likely from before the destruction of triifuerza world’s Triforce.

Though he reaches the Triforce in the Sacred Realm, his heart is imbalanced and the Triforce splits, leaving him with the Triforce of Power and forcing him to gather the other two carriers who are “chosen by destiny”, Link and Princess Zelda, and take the other pieces from them. The Triforce of Courage is typically portrayed as the bottom-right piece of the Triforce. The Triforce symbol has a long history outside The Legend of Zelda series. For the arcade system board, see Triforce arcade system board.