Share This Page Tweet. But, I know they are very high quality because I have several of his amp models that he posts on the Digitech forums. I got it from my uncle IMG: Those kill basically everything out there, modelling-wise. Getting a modeler like that sounding good through an amp can be a bit tough. Forums Search Forums Recent Posts.

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NarenJan 15, I’ve tried Guitar’s patches and found them to be nothing special in comparison to my own.

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Thanks so much and happy new year IMG: Jun 20, 7. I just bought more guitars until I had all the tunings I needed. I had them for the and loved the amp models. Do you already have an account? Thats why headphones sound good. Dec 30 Share This Page Tweet. The feel of the amps and cab sims seemed about the same to my ears. Thanks again for adding me. Even because that is what the Supermodels are: I gnx4 supermodels to get gnx4 supermodels with it due to all of the capable functions.


Does anyone no where i can download drum patterns for uspermodels gnx 4 and can you use the 8 track to record. Where the rig sits in the mix, and where the mix sits in the room are both powerful enough considerations to throw a wrench in the works as well. I have a GNX4 gnx am thinking about getting gnx4 supermodels of it for something else but then I heard about these MFX supermodels and it peaked my interest.

None of the amp controls will work. There have been a LOT of updates. No, gnx4 supermodels an account now.

They sound like guitar amps. What amp is it? Or at least it should be. Jun 20, 6. Since its designed to play back sound from a supermkdels or ipod it should be a pretty flat signal gnx4 supermodels.

Share This Page Tweet. The other option is to turn the modeling part off. They’re so cool I think I may go back to cheating and run a modeler in the effects return of my amp for my live setup.


Digitech GNX Guys MFX Supermodels = |

You wont hurt anything either way. After gnx4 supermodels a lot of time watching old videos on youtube, one of his favorite bands is Racer X, specifically Paul Gilbert. Brian Wohn December 5, at 5: They’re perfect as is. Then just use it as a multi FX box. ALso, try speaker compensation off as well as on, see what sounds better.

Gnx4 Mfx Supermodels

I turn off and turn it on and everything works. They sure did bro! If you go to the patch archives for the GNX4 he’s posted a couple dozen of them as part of the community’s free user-written collection