In the following example, a reel is composed by picture and sound:. On Windows 7 it is located in C: If one provides the keys by a Fraunhofer Digest, we assume that the user generated the content and that he is in charge of the source content used for the first DCP generation. The following dialog box should appear: VAlign The value of this attribute indicates the vertical alignment.

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In order to enhance the software and to optimize it for your applications, we are looking forward to your cooperation. The following Digital Cinema Naming Convention dialog will appear: The setup start window should appear: June Learn how and when to remove this template message.

easydcp creator

Changes of easydc metadata include the offset, duration and annotation text of reels, rearranging, deleting and adding reels, renaming, deleting and adding compositions. An opened encrypted DCP shows read keys on the encrypted Trackfiles, indicating that you have no access to this content: Both versions should be installed cretaor different directories. The aspect ratio of the input image will not be changed. No one will be able to read the unencrypted data.

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easyDCP Creator

If you need a new license for the new version, you may purchase it at www. The tag contains the following attributes and attribute-values: You can download one single executable setup file for Windows or one single package file for Mac. A DSM can creahor supplied in a multitude of formats and colour spaces. We haven’t come across any stability issues in our tests, thanks to the fact that the tool didn’t hang, crash or prompt error messages. The data shown in the table is read only. This will be recalculated every time you change the destination folder.

easydcp creator

After finishing the unpacking process, a new drive is mounted to your desktop. See this post for more info.

Easydcp Creator 2.2 with customizable color transformations and support for ALEXA/P3 workflows

The value is a positive integer in the range The procedure is also described in a screen cast at www. Plug-in for Adobe After Effects. Thus, renaming or removing any source files means, you have to be added to the Trackfile Manager again. All of these are at 14 fL.

Digital Cinema Package

The version is an optional attribute. A context menu will appear. Do not rename any files of the DCP. Now you can choose a picture file and a display time in seconds, how long the picture will be displayed on screen.


The color processing method shall be switched off see easydpc. Defines the playback order during presentation.

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The item will follow the mouse cursor. A KDM is associated to the particular compositions CPLs which may include multiple encrypted picture, sound and subtitle assets, and each playback system requires a uniquely generated KDM.

This window may differ from yours regarding to which version of easyDCP Creator you are installing and operating system language. The vertical position specified is the baseline on which the text is drawn. Changing the normalization constant multiplication To move away from the edge of the color space you can lower the number of the white projector luminance You can change the P3 DCI 2.

There should be a minimum of 3 certificates in the certificate chain. Then new compositions and new Trackfiles can be added and changes at existing compositions can be applied.