Although Akuran got thrown through the portal and now is in Outlands. And I suggest playing it online. Warring Marines have taken over Icecrown Glacier. But you can create it yourself. Ten farmers from Northhaven escaped into the surrounding woods under dark of night. Hold off the Orcish hordes but remember don t let the Ringbearer. It fixes a multiplayer crash issue.

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DotA v6.78c AI 1.4e

dota v6 78 w3x Black Outlands – Demonhunt is different than other custom maps. Red asks questions, the contenders buzz in if they know the answer. Dota Bleach Vs One Piece 2. Scandic publishes its Annual Report Due to the fact that anyone can go in their map editor, which comes on the disc, and create a map and host it online.

In this gigantic map x shaped as the United States, you choose a country from the 18th century and are tasked with taking over the nation. Comments and questions are appreciated!

Buy and sell steam marketplace skins and items on the world’s largest skin market. Lordaeron Summer Shadowly Maphack Hunter. This map will not feature in the official campaign! Now, a mobile MOBA is aiming to build up its audience by including built-in streaming with the help of Amazon’s dota v6 78 w3x acquisition. On the Dota Ai Map you are able to play against Bots. This custom map comes with 19 levels of massive spawning fun, with 4 classes of MiniGunners that have to co-operate through the entire map in order to exterminate the threats and complete the different objectives.


Everything besides the terrain was redone on this map from HeartlessCHI. Adds many new dynamics not found in any other Tag, and eliminates a plethora of problems found in almost all others.

Other map-based services can obtain map data from Omaps. Featuring all 10 classes and 3 talent specs for each class, realistic Arenas and Battlegrounds, and original spells and icons. I have this for now, please add more. Once again, improvements have been made to the incredibly popular DoTA Allstars map. Remember to tip your Goblin Zeppelin after he rides you to a most pleasurable victory!

It’s here to show simply how popular it.

Don’t expect a warm welcome. Pick a hero and fight the enemy heroes for as long as you like. In what capacity are you visiting the website? This is a modified version of the Starcraft Defense v1.

DotA vc AI e – Warcraft 3 Maps – Epic

Sheep Tactics is an FFA in which you and 5 other “sheep” are tasked with killing each other in order to be the last sheep standing.


It includes 3 game modes: Command your bomber force to destroy your opponent’s town while scrambling to defend your own. Hi, I would like to know if there are any Vampirism maps with working AI vampires.

Like other risk games, American Risk will have you on an exploration for domination however, this one takes place in the continental America during the late 18th century. Deep in the Ashenvale forest is a grove under the intermittent protection of a deadly Green Dragon. This patch takes Warcraft 3: Once again, improvements have been made to the incredibly popular DoTA Allstars map, and we have it dotta, available to you!

Top 50 Plus List of AI Dota Maps Downloads (From the Oldest to the Latest AI Maps) – List 3

This map entails great graphic terrain with amazing work done on the story line and triggers. Another map from the hit series Mad Libs. An Entertaining DotA Video.

Hidden deep within the wintry crags of Everfrost is a realm of dark Nerubian horrors, protecting their frozen crypt from those that seek gold and wealth.