The genre of her music is dance and all of its derivatives. She was born in Bucharest , the capital of Romania. Retrieved 26 July This solo career developed to when she would launch the album Listen up. Smiley — Secretul Mariei”.

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I believe with all my heart, that through music, I can change this thing, reason that I begin to step off the deep end, and I really care to insert my feelings into my music. The year was a year full of changes for the Romanian’s band and for Delia when she left the band.

She was born in Bucharestthe capital of Romania. Also Delia has a deelia, Eduard, and a sister, Oana. By this song, I want to assure all of them, that I am next to they, and I impel them to be more rosiers, and to put aside others prejudices, to keep a good table, for their lives, for a normal life. Delia – Dale Official Video.

Delia Matache

Delia – Concert – Welcome to Deliria Part 1. Delia – Concert – Welcome to Deliria Part 4. On this occasion Delia has officially announced her intention to start a working with her mother, for an album benseac the fall.


Delia – Cine m-a facut om mare [official audio]. Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted. Delia – Africana Official Video. Delia – Concert – Welcome to Deliria Part 3. Obviously, I had the stage fright because of all those people, and this band was at the start. The public was more carried away. Delia – Weekend Official Video.

I wish I make music increasingly good, and I want to show a Delia, which is not the one everybody knows.

Delia Matache – Wikipedia

Look how she keeps up] in Romanian. The craziest wave of success attain everybody, and Delia’s solo career was proposed without any doubt, and it came with a look change-over, which was more brndeac the fans’ liking.

Their genre was a fine mix of house and eurodance. Delia – Doi in unu ft. She is one of the highest rated stars in Romania and one of the most desired divas. Delia – Ce are ea [official audio].

Not few are the moments when she is the most marginalised, or, I don’t know Delia – Cineva la usa mea Lyric Video. Un have launched 3 albums together from toAltfel “Different”Fac ce delia si bendeac doi in unu “I do what I want” and Nu e vina mea “It’s not my fault” foi, out of which more than a few songs were smash-hit ‘s “hit-machines” and dominated the charts over the years, including the famous song “Vino la mine” “Come to me”that it’s still in the vogue today, in every Romanian club.


April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Obviously, I had the stage fright because of all those people, and this band was at the start. Retrieved 15 July Retrieved 14 July Problems playing these files?

Delia – Wuella Wuella Official Video. Throughout her career, Matache has worked with Valentin Bosioc for fitness and nutrition. Mihai Bendeac — Single by Delia”.

Delia (Romania) – Doi în unu

Delia – Verde imparat Official Video. She continued on the dance path. Delia – Du-te-ma Official Video.