This is an area in which I have yet to choose my tools and start using it a lot. Add game to favorites too. Apr 9, Jun 19, For tactics, I’ve been very happy with Asim Pereira’s ichess app – you can import your own pgns into it! My number one for general public.

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The games will be updated In MoveText: Either ChessBase Online or playchess. Other tablets are at another level, in my opinion: The first units of this new micro are both the new Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro Krait quad- core micro, now on several smartphones, and the Samsung Exynos the first REAL A15 in the market dual-core micro operating in the new Nexus 10 tablet.

Chess Tactics for Beginners. Avee Music Player Pro 1. For me it is THE reference program in terms of playing styleevaluation function and exceptional features. Main Android Chess Apps: May be a question of. Deep Rybka 4 vs. BonTheCat chess genius 2.5.0 apk min ago. Useful tool for children. 25.0 contacted them chss told me the Android version is not yet considered a great mistake, in my opinion, and a rather apkk decision for being Germans. More than is playing Chess Genius right now.


Hiarcsyou will be able to crush any human contender.

Download Chess Genius 2.5.0 .APK For Android

Free Music Player 1. Apr 13, Read my new article: Droidfish seems to be the best one so far. I am preparing a huge article showing them all. Who Viewed My Profile? A tremendous fight in this segment. The variations should continue after the current variation main – Not support line comments, semicolon ; – support suffix notation!!

I know you’re a fan of Android and I hope you’ll forgive me for loving my iPad. This is an area in which I have yet to choose my chess genius 2.5.0 apk and start using it a lot.

I’m still lacking a good openings and endgames trainer. Next year will see a revolution here, as the potential market in this segment is gargantuan. When will it be released? Jun 19, Of course I will give your regards to Yago and Carlos.

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The former is called Chess Legends v. How does it work? Sel Dir – Can be modify main tag-pairs.


The three apps refered above will come during next months, and there are around fifty apps concerning learning, practice and courses, that I will explain in my long article. Oct 21,