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Eventually, a member of the tribe tried to claim it for himself, got possessed, and had to be killed by Basara. A rather basic transformation, in which one lock of Basara’s hair turns bright, glowing green and his arm holding Brynhildr is coated in armor. Other Skills General Affairs Manager: Basara suffers from having frequent nightmares involving a tall, cloaked man wielding a sword, and a crying girl. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences.

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While technically not one of his natural abilities, the Master Servant contract is considered to be a Demonic ability. It was mentioned in the first volume that Toujou Basara can’t be affected by low-level magic due to him being a former hero. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

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Using the Iaido quick-draw style, he puts Brynhilder into it’s dimensional storage space, before drawing it back out. When he displays his power as a member of the Hero Clan, Basara’s eye changes into a very much sharper feature, and right hand gains a silver gauntlet and a sword, on which both has an ornate design. These limiters are born from Basara’s subconscious fear and hatred of his own powers. Basara has consistently proven that once given a bare minimal amount of evidence he is able to deduce the true identities of many of his enemies and their plans even when they try to hide from him.

He is also compassionate and firmly believes in the idea of “family”. The Master Servant contract has two benefits, the first is that it grants the Master and servants a direct link to one another allowing them to track one another down.


He easily erased Maria’s Magic when the two engage in a battle, and he easily defeated an enemy that Mio and Maria had trouble fighting, with only a single slash from his sword. Basara is an ex-member of the Hero-clan. It’s the exact opposite of Banishing shift.

The contract works by binding the soul of the servants to that of the master. The armor covers his body in a black body suit, gives him silver-colored shoulder pads, a large halo-like object mounted to his back, and two green ribbon-like streaks going down from his chest. Sadly, she eventually became corrupted and was forcibly sealed in the form of a sword and was given to the Hero’s Tribe, who used the blade to seal away an evil spirit. Whereas Banishing Shift deletes things to the zero dimension, Banyuusekiryoku stores existing magic and creates a space that is said to be infinite.

Basara has also been shown that once he understands what it is that his enemies are planning to do to be able to devise highly effective countermeasures and strategies.

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Due to his training as a hero for the first 10 years of his life, Basara has very fast recuperative powers. Basara possesses three armors, each one accessible by releasing one of his three limiters.

Though for certain situations, he can also tojuou shock, annoyance, and anger. He is an immensely skilled fighter. This form, however, puts tremendous strain on his mind and body, and immediately after entering this form, Basara goes on an uncontrollable rampage that nearly kills Leohart.

In short, It’s the complete defense against all magic and physical attacks.

Basara suffers from having frequent nightmares involving a tall, cloaked man wielding a sword, and a crying girl. Other Skills General Affairs Manager: With it, Basara can access her powers, which are normally sealed, and use them in combat. It is likely that Basara developed this ability due to being conceived in a dimension outside of the three realms, and the unique circumstances regarding his birth.


Now being forced to wield the weapon, Basara tlujou possessed low compatibility with Brynhildr due to viewing it more as goujou tool than a partner and secretly fearing it. Thanks to expert “training” by Maria and extensive “practice” with his servants, Basara has become highly proficient in the ways of sexually subduing women, to the point that he is able to easily bwsara one of his classmates orgasm several times in mere moments by simply groping her breasts.

The Contract comes with the downside in toujoj if one of Basara’s servants shows any sort of disobedience of defiance to him then the curse will activate and he will have to subdue them. It was first seen in volume 1, when he easily sliced straight through an adversary with a single sword slash.

Eventually, a member of the tribe tried to claim it for himself, got possessed, and had to be killed by Basara.

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While they have dulled over time, due to not being a part of the Hero Tribe for five years, they are still way above any normal human’s stats.

Even when he was young, Basara was a genius at swordplay, and could even give experienced elders a hard time. This allows him to completely recover from injuries, that would take normal humans days just to regain consciousness from, in mere moments. Secondly, it also increases the over gasara power of toujpu servant and Master based on the Servant’s loyalty towards their master.