Software should follow the needs of users and not reverse. The database builds the software brain indicating the core application how you would like having selected or calculated your AHU. A soffisticated chart helps to identify the workingpoint of the interested fan. For any questions please feel free to contact ISC or ir airCalc. You can trust on competent staff, operating in the background, ensuring the software availability, while you are focusing on your main business. Build detailed quotation in a short time.


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All customers are using the same software version, you have access to all our experience and the experience of all our customers in a cost efficient way. This avoids transmitting, again and again, the same file for modifications, as everyone can access arcalc++ from where ever. The core application builds the skeleton of the software. We know that young companies have to cope with permanent changes and therefore want to offer their solutions, which can avoid at least keep the Damocles sword from a software change.

The database builds the software brain indicating the core application how you would like having selected or calculated your AHU. This allows you to react faster to market movements, pass on immediately the benefit of lower prices to your sales guys.

HVAC Solutions

Your answers are appreciated. Pay only what you use.



We are providing already on startup a well filled database, filled with parameters and rules based on our experience. Efficiency,air out conditions and water quantity are calculated. We believe in saying no to thousands of projects, so that we can really focus on the few that are truly important and meaningful to us.

All needed documents are printable with one click. The programming interface is not available for LT customers. There isn’t any installation limit, only the database administrator tool and production tool is linked to the main company.

In this way you can get big extensions with low cost. Every user access directly the latest version, everyone has the same version, ajrcalc++ discussions, no issues with outdated prices, no support calls for installation issues. This software design enables us to cover the needs of more then 50 companies over the last 30 years, and this is the crucial distinctive feature to other providers on the market. For any questions sircalc++ feel free to contact ISC or ir airCalc.

Run airCalc in one of the most powerful datacenter available akrcalc++ Europe, full speed on every device, it does not matter how old or what kind of hardware you are using. It simply works, always and everywhere, directly in the browser, it does not matter on what device or operating system, it simply works! No need for software distribution and installation. To be perfectly prepared for the future with the calm one!


ISC Cloud | aircalc

Adding new components is a meter of adding new lines to several tables, explaining the core application the steps to perform. The core application is developed by ISC and is the same collection of files and code for all of our customers.


Aluminim, Stainless Steel, Plastic and also Paper quality plates with humidity transfer can be calculated. To you subscription you can add the following extras: No need for powerful and expensive hardware.

For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form: We have finished the year with over AHUs calculated and counting! Simply a working centralised managed solution. We believe the best partner is the one providing a complete solution based on different modules. You decide when and to what version you want to update, everything is in your hand. Trust experts when it comes to the backbone of your company.

It takes only a few clicks! This fact can let you sleep soundly, as all European privacy and data security rules are respected. We say no to out of box solutions as software should be as unique as you are. Our plans for are even more ambitious!